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A lot of the work I do is centered in dialogue and reflection. To answer the question of

"How can we better understand others to enable better relationships and outcomes?"

This is where you'll find my thoughts on this question in the form of recent podcasts, media coverage, or links to things I find valuable.

This was fun discussion on multicultural leadership and how to design a systems approach to diversity and inclusion with Edgar Papke and Johnny Saye.

I just did an interview with Jayson from The Relationship School where we get deep and discuss everything from the roots of racism to the role the media plays in the negative portrayal of Black men in particular. We talk about where the work is now and how in wake of the George Floyd murder, white people are really truly feeling the pain and the consciousness is beginning to shift with a big focus on white privilege. Here’s the link to listen in:

How do you design society, practice perspective, and build better teams? Listen and learn! I join Johnny Saye to discuss the design of what's possible.

As many people around the world react to George Floyd's death and a growing awareness of the inequities and dangers that still exist for many Blacks I sat down with Coach Michael Taylor to talk about how I navigate through primarily white environments as a black man and maintain my cultural identity and sense of self.

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