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All of our offerings are designed to create learning environments and opportunities that allow participants to experience a new level of engagement and personal insight. Our programs are designed with the belief that individual growth is symbiotic with team and organizational health.


Effective Leadership – As managers grow into leaders many of the challenges they face evolve around the ability to find their voice and use it to inspire others. In this seminar participants will identify and then reflect on their core values to understand how they impact leadership style while developing strategies for achieving success. With this understanding we examine core leadership competencies including vision creation, motivating others, active listening, collaboration, effective communication, and personal integrity.


Change and Innovation Leadership – This offering is for anyone responsible for leading through periods of innovation and change. Being an effective leader during times of change and growth requires a committed leadership group, the right blend of employees, and a culture of trust and support. Using real life experiences and discussions participants learn to apply the curricula to their individual situations.


Managing Across Time Zones and Cultures - Multicultural teams are commonplace throughout all employment sectors. The benefits of diverse, multicultural teams are well known and it takes unique skills to coalesce such a group of individuals to reap its rewards. Through interactive exercises participants will learn to see and appreciate different ideas, interests, experiences and values within their own world.  They will also learn strategies for communicating across cultural boundaries while developing an understanding of and the ability to resolve cultural differences.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity Benefits – Learn how inclusive, diverse organizations are outperforming their peers when it comes to innovation, problem solving, and financial results. In this seminar we examine the varying dimensions and types of diversity to understand how they create extraordinary solutions and results. Participants will examine their own diversity using interactive exercises providing a new, personal perspective on “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion”. They will also identify the key diversity, equity and inclusion drivers for their organization that can be used to support the business case for these programs.


Activating Inclusion, Amplifying Performance – In these workshops participants will expand their diversity & inclusion knowledge base to consider ways in which they can support inclusion efforts and create sustainable change. During each customized event we’ll incorporate relevant topics like bias, in/out groups, social capital affinity networks and inclusive leadership to identify how each can be used to foster greater diversity, inclusion and performance.


Crossing Cultures – Here we introduce core concepts of intercultural competence while developing self-awareness of personal and cultural assumptions. Participants will explore cultural values and how they impact our work, social and home lives. We will develop an appreciation for cultural diversity and learn skills that help participants understand and contextualize cross-cultural interactions.


Mastering Intercultural Communications – Understanding differences and managing cross-cultural interactions is critical for diverse teams seeking to amplify their performance. With exercises that expose participants to alternative contexts and ways to view these interactions participants will learn about cross-cultural communication, how it impacts work, and ways to communicate and resolve complex cultural interactions.

Team Development

Meeting of The Minds – A workshop for understanding people and advancing collaboration. This program reveals individual thinking and behavioral preferences through experiential and interactive learning. It’s a customizable, results-driven and engaging session focused on communication and how to use Emergenetics for increasing self-awareness and building more effective teams. Enhance personal power and foster team engagement with a Meeting of the Minds, a highly interactive workshop that meshes communication and relationship insights with your distinct business needs via the power of the Emergenetics Profile.


More Than Just Talk– This workshop helps leaders and their teams to communicate generously and create clear understanding. Looking at interpersonal and team communication behaviors they will develop greater understanding of the benefits of different styles and when to apply them for success. In this highly interactive session participants learn to engage courageously and proactively, appreciate others’ communication styles, and insist on clear, honest, direct conversations.