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Jon recognizes the intersection of our social, professional, and personal lives, while using his highly relational approach to foster the trust and communication needed to inspire positive shifts within leaders and their teams. Jon’s breadth of experience leading and coaching high-performing teams (at companies like IBM and Oracle) informs his leadership methodology and proprietary Leadership Framework. Jon uses his proven techniques and established tools* to help leaders develop strategies, execute projects, and achieve consistent results with their teams.

People rally behind great leaders who are honest, courageous, and willing to face reality. Jon equips leadership teams with the skills to manage change, conflict, and growth using clear, courageous communication that cuts through ambiguity and inauthenticity. When equipped with the right tools, leaders tap into the multiplier effect that comes with proficiency.

Jon’s customized method helps leaders:
  • Deepen their organizational and self-awareness

  • Understand internal dynamics

  • Increase their ability to collaborate and innovate under the most challenging of conditions

Jon’s insightful and distinct perspective, breadth of experience, and engaging coaching style help your team navigate uncharted territory. His straightforward but original proprietary Leadership Framework empowers leaders and their teams to build bridges between culture, vision, and performance and envision fresh, emboldened ways of operating. Jon also offers a variety of engaging leadership and team development seminars ranging from focused 2 hour conversations to multi-day experiential events.


*Jon uses an integrated, multi-modal approach to coaching which leverages a comprehensive set of assessment tools and professional skills including: 

  • Emergenetics to measure how people think and behave. With this insight, you can develop personal & team strategies to get results by working through your strengths.

  • Ken Blanchard Leadership Trainer

  • SCRUM Master

  • IBM Senior Certified Consultant

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