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Jon’s methods reveal individual and team talents, creating more productive team efforts and developing leadership skills at every level of the organization.” 


—  Jonathan Sewell, Celebrator-in-Chief



As a senior leader of global teams and projects, Jon has advanced innovation and inspired pivotal shifts at startups, non-profits and Fortune 500 firms worldwide. Jon’s passion for engaged, productive teams has steered his course between budding business ventures and positions at IBM and Oracle where he traveled the globe working with clients in the technology, energy, real estate, consumer products, travel, non-profit, and healthcare industries.


From Detroit to the Ivy League, and scrappy start-up ventures to global management consulting and leadership roles, Jon’s diverse experience inspires communication and action that create motivated, courageous, and supportive organizational cultures. Often the first or only black person in the room, Jon has learned how to recognize and coalesce his own and others’ unique perspectives to do great things. Jon knows that diversity in all its forms can serve as a catalyst for exceptional performance.


Jon graduated from Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration and earned his MBA from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He has launched successful real estate and technology ventures, is a Certified SCRUM Master, and an IBM Certified Senior Managing Consultant. He is a trainer through the Ken Blanchard Leadership program. Jon is also an Emergenetics Associate. He has served several terms as the chairman of the board of directors for Colorado community radio station, KGNU.


When Jon is not working he spends time with his family, hosts a weekly radio show, and connects with his inner child by riding a bike.