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Jon is a force multiplier, known for creating high-functioning, inclusive teams that innovate and solve problems at remarkable levels. He helps organizations leverage the essential connection between culture, vision, and performance to maximize your team’s engagement and achieve your organization’s outcomes.


When you work with Jon, you will engage with a seasoned professional recognized for his unique ability to connect with people and inspire pivotal shifts that maximize performance and outcomes.


As an experienced global consultant, Jon has a proven track record building, leading, and supporting diverse, high-performance teams. Jon can help maximize performance and achieve outcomes. If you have a strategic initiative in need of inspiration and direction, connect with Jon.


Recognizing the intersection of our social, professional, and personal lives, Jon uses his highly relational approach to foster the trust and communication needed to inspire positive growth within leaders and their teams. If you want to take performance to the next level, connect with Jon.


Jon brings his passion for human interaction, growth, and innovation to every  engagement. His engaging presentation style creates a positive learning environment. If you are looking dynamic, interactive education and training programs, connect with Jon.

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Tel: 303.507.4JTW (4589)

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